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3-Step Routine Set with Day Collagen, Night Collagen & Active Exfoliant 11%

Clinically proven to reduce the signs of aging by 42%, increase hydration by 264% and improve elasticity by 28% in just 12 weeks. The Collagen System has been created to support skin's renewal and deliver a youthful, healthy appearance, whilst protecting the skin's barrier.

Suitable for all skin types. Except with very sensitive or problematic skin use Collagen System Sensitive.

Formally called: Classic Collagen Set
The formulations of the three products are perfectly combined to deliver exceptional results in improving the skin's wellbeing and appearance.

Day Collagen

Styled for the day this advanced collagen serum hydrates, protects and helps to strengthen the skin's defences against free radicals to leave it looking smoother and more revitalized.

Night Collagen
Specifically developed to work with the skin's regenerative process at night, this concentrated collagen serum helps to restore tonicity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles plus stimulate the overnight repair process to restore a more youthful appearance.

Active Exfoliant 11%

A gentle and highly effective exfoliation featuring a unique peeling system of fruit acids and enzymes, which combine to dissolve dead skin cells, accelerate cellular regeneration, refine pores and provide the ideal preparation for the application of the collagens.

Every morning: smooth a few drops of Day Collagen over face, neck and décolleté, after cleansing and toning. Follow with your preferred serum and moisturizer.

Every evening: smooth a few drops of Night Collagen over face, neck and décolleté, after cleansing and toning. Follow with your preferred serum and moisturizer.

Morning or evening: Apply an even layer of Active Exfoliant 11% with the QMS brush or fingertips to dry, cleansed skin, including lower eyelid, neck & décolleté. A tingling sensation and some redness may be experienced. This is a sign that the formula is working. After 10-15 minutes, rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry.

Follow with your Day Collagen Serum or Night Collagen Serum.
Recommended frequency of Active Exfoliant 11%:

Week 1- Use once or twice/week.
Week 2 - Use 2x to 4x/week.
Week 3 and onwards - 3x/week to everyday.
A revolutionary skincare system of 3 perfectly combined products that work in synergy, helping to reduce the appearance of sagging skin, lines and wrinkles. Skin looks younger and revitalized while feeling smoother and firmer. An optimum result is achieved when all 3 products are used regularly.

Day Collagen and Night Collagen feature the innovative Neotec A15® Collagen Hyaluronic Acid and Matrixyl 3000 complex, specifically formulated to enhance the delivery of hydration and the high-performance skin identical collagen into the skin. The serums offer an increased effectiveness in improving the elasticity levels. The Active Exfoliant 11% provides the ideal skin preparation through its effective removal of dead skin cells and stimulation of new cell production allowing for optimum absorption.

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