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Fresh Beauty Retail Set

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Set consist of : 1. Valmont PRIMARY VEIL 150ml Number one protective water A prebiotics and probiotics boost The essential balancing act for the skin’s ecosystem ITS BENEFITS Health and well-being are beauty’s greatest enhancers.

This milky emulsion immediately refreshes and soothes irritated skin. It strengthens immune defenses, and helps rebuild hydrolipidic film essential in protecting skin. Texture is visibly improved, skin is protected, smoothed and satisfied.

Suitable for all skin types, especially those most fragile. ITS INGREDIENTS LP FOS complex: promotes the balance of the skin’s flora for optimal barrier protection

Eau de Zurzach: rebalancing Swiss thermal water rich in lithium

Jojoba esters: help rebuild the skin barrier that locks in hydration ITS APPLICATION Morning and/or evening, apply product by spraying directly onto clean face, or by spraying onto hands and then applying to clean face. Follow with the treatment program best suited to your skin.


2.Valmont PRIME RENEWING PACK Instant radiance-replenishing mask Your Prime Renewing Pack dressed for the Fairyland Season

The Photoshop effect by Valmont! An essential skincare icon, this cream mask erases signs of fatigue by refreshing the complexion and filling in wrinkles in just minutes. ITS BENEFITS Valmont’s worldwide best seller, with one jar sold every two minutes.

With a fine, cream-like texture, the Prime Renewing Pack mask erases signs of aging, fatigue and fine lines in just a minutes. It fights wrinkles and signs of aging while refreshing the complexion. Skin appears radiant, the complexion smoothed, wrinkles diminished and texture refined. This clever mask adapts to all skin types and all uses. It can be used as a single-use treatment, a daily balancing ritual, or a progressive regulator for mature skin. ITS INGREDIENTS Cellular Prime Complex, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle concentrate:

Triple DNA: super hydrating, retaining 10,000 times its weight in water.

Lipsome RNA, bioactivator driving cellular activity.

Peptides+ cocktail, powerful microcirculation, anti-wrinkle booster. ITS APPLICATION For daily use to smooth and soften imperfections, apply a thick layer, leave on 3-5 minutes. Remove with damp cloth.

As daily progressive regulating treatment, use a thin layer followed by cream. As a special instant glow treatment, apply a thick layer for 20 minutes. Remove with damp cloth. 3. Valmont AQUA FALLS Instant makeup removing water Removes makeup from all skin types An expertly created water that absorbs light makeup in seconds. Skin is clean and soothed. ITS BENEFITS The efficiency of enriched water that removes light makeup with a single wipe. Its ideally balanced formula leaves skin satisfied without leftover oily film.

Ideal for travel, gym, or weekends away. It takes care of all skin types, even the most sensitive.

ITS INGREDIENTS Glacial Spring Water: promotes tissue exchange, revitalizes and strengthens the skin’s defense systems.

Prebiotics: nourish the microbiota responsible for protecting the skin’s surface.

Probiotics: enrich the skin flora. ITS APPLICATION Apply the product to a cotton pad and move it gently over the face and neck without rubbing. Repeat until all residue is gone. No need to rinse.