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HYDRA + Poutch

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The Perfect Gift you Can Give Yourself, Friends & Family

1. Soothing Cleansing Milk BENEFITS OF ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: - Floral waters of Damascena and Centifolia roses, to tone and provide the skin with clarity, suppleness and comfort. - Arnica flower extract, moisturizing and soothing agents. - Cleansing agents selected to optimize tolerance.

NOTICEABLE RESULTS: Skin is cleansed, while respecting its natural pH balance. Rich texture perfect to comfort intolerant skin.

2.HYDRAGLOW Brightness Vitality Serum Turn-up skin natural glow

BENEFITS OF ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: - Stabilized vitamin C: has been included for its efficacy to even out the complexion and its stimulating properties. This liposomal form in a high concentration helps to fade pigmentation flaws, to revitalize and plump-up the skin to get back a healthy look. - Plant glycerin, with moisturizing properties. Decreases epidermis water loss by evaporation. Makes skin suppler, smoother and more extensible.

NOTICEABLE RESULTS: Fatigue fades, complexion is brighter. Boosting effect to restore radiance, energy and bounce. Fresh and quickly-absorbed melting texture, leaves a matte and non-greasy finish.

Size : 30ml

3. HYDRAWEAR Lightweight Moisturising Care Normal to combination skin. Fresh, melt-in skincare, inspired by the epidermal structure to intensely moisturise and fight against skin reactivity.

BENEFITS OF ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: - Hyaluronic acid fragments fill in the skin’s support structure to help restore the natural hydration process. - Oat extract: increases the tolerance threshold to external stimuli (extreme climate conditions, friction, harsh cleansers) to reduce the appearance of redness. - Rosehip oil and shea butter: protect the skin’s barrier function to limit the excessive penetration of potential irritants.

NOTICEABLE RESULTS: Formulated with carefully selected ingredients to quickly soothe sensations of heat and tightness.

Size: 60ml