Soskin set for normal skin

Soskin set for normal skin

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The Soskin set consist of: 1.Super moisturizing cream - 50 ml

cream for every day Hyaluronic acid, chitosan and gum biosaccharide provide long-lasting and intense skin hydration. Shea butter, jojoba, wheat germ and vegetable glycerin help to restore the epidermal barrier and hydrolipid mantle. Vitamin B5 relieves inflammation and irritation common in dehydrated skin. Solar filters protect the skin from the damaging effects of solar radiation.

2.GLYCOLIC NEW SKIN CREAM- 50 ml. Turn-up skin natural glow

BENEFITS OF ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: - Glycolic acid, an A.H.A. helps to remove dead skin cells and refine the surface layers of the epidermis. - 18 beta glycyrrhetinic acid, main component of liquorice’s root combined with centella asiatica with soothing properties. - Hyaluronic Acid: smoothing and moisturizing effects help to restore skin comfort. - A trio of jojoba oil, shea butter and aloe vera actively moisturizes and replenishes skin lipids.

NOTICEABLE RESULTS: Wrinkles appear less prominently, skin texture is refined, the complexion is unified and revealed. The skin is as if transformed.

Formulated with a high concentration of dermatological ingredients for unparalleled skin renewal.

3.BRIGHTNESS-VITALITY SERUM (Microcaps Vitamine C 20%) C20 - 30 ml

BENEFITS OF ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: - Stabilized vitamin C: has been included for its efficacy to even out the complexion and its stimulating properties. This liposomal form in a high concentration helps to fade pigmentation flaws, to revitalize and plump-up the skin to get back a healthy look. - Plant glycerin, with moisturizing properties. Decreases epidermis water loss by evaporation. Makes skin suppler, smoother and more extensible.

NOTICEABLE RESULTS: Fatigue fades, complexion is brighter. Boosting effect to restore radiance, energy and bounce. Fresh and quickly-absorbed melting texture, leaves a matte and non-greasy finish.