Tonic Lotion

Tonic Lotion

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Toning of dry and sensitive skin, restoration of pH.

The lotion tones and soothes the skin. Thanks to the extracts of chamomile, rose, arnica, it moisturizes, refreshes, relaxes and soothes the skin, giving it a feeling of comfort and softness, provides freshness and radiance.

Toner lotion for dry and sensitive skin is an excellent skin care product with a unique complex of amino acids and vitamins, thanks to the active ingredients improves skin tone, eliminates fatigue and does not cause allergies.

It has an anti-inflammatory effect, maintains an optimal pH balance of the skin, providing it with comfort. Plant extracts soothe sensitive skin. It has antioxidant properties.

The skin is toned and softened. This delicately fresh lotion moisturizes and softens the skin and restores the complexion.

volume - 500 ml 


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