Unifying body lotion + Dramatically whitening brown spot corrector

Unifying body lotion + Dramatically whitening brown spot corrector

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Unifies, prevents skin from pigmented areas and dark spots.


– SOSKIN D-WHITE, concentrated in hexyl resorcinol, targets the origin of hyper pigmentation.

Helps to reduce the appearance of visible spots in surface and prevents the appearance of emerging spots.

– Jojoba oil: the skin is intensely nourished to restore suppleness and softness.

NOTICEABLE RESULTS: Provides even hydration and is suitable for sensitive areas.

Skin regains radiance, uniformity and flexibility. Unctuous and generous texture, penetrates immediately.


Apply morning and/or evening daily onto targeted areas. External use, do not use if pregnant or lactating women.

It is advised to wear a sunscreen protection during the day (minimum SPF30).

Soskin W+ Dramatically Whitening Brown Spot Corrector

Intense whitening cream with gel texture that acts locally against color imperfections.

Minimizes the intensity of brown spots and pigmented lesions. Areas with hyperpigmentation weaken and smooth. Prevents local accumulations of pigment (melanin) on the skin of the face, décolleté and hands. With a thin, light, moisturizing texture suitable for topical use. No side effects.

Targeted care enhanced with the SOSKIN D-WHITE complex. Mild action suitable for daily use.

• SOSKIN D – WHITE: Concentrates on the cause of hyperpigmentation. It helps reduce the appearance of visible spots on the surface of the skin and prevents the appearance of new spots.

• Ascorbic acid and silicon: Stabilized derivative of Vitamin C. Helps reduce the appearance of pigmented spots on the skin, reduce the intensity of blemishes and color irregularities


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