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The set consist of :

DETOX CREAM - 45 ml Oxygen care detox cream

The amazingly delicate texture envelops the skin in a light cloud. Saturates the skin with pure oxygen and removes carbon dioxide, toxins, stimulates cell renewal, gives the skin radiance, freshness, restores and replenishes.

The innovative O2 complex "Blue Blood" is an aqueous emulsion capable of transporting oxygen to the deep layers of the skin.

Swiss apple stem cells have a natural regenerating effect, making cells more resilient. Maintain the durability of skin stem cells, slow down aging.

DETOX PACK - 2 masks

The Oxygen Care detox mask will surprise you not only with its instant results, but will also give you vivid emotions and sensations, because it instantly forms a dense foam of a million bursting air bubbles, which gently envelops the skin surface, filling it with oxygen, energizing and radiant.

The Swiss apple stem cells in the detox mask promote cell renewal and help fight the negative effects of the environment, as well as slow down the aging process. The skin is instantly transformed, looks clean, fresh and rested "+ Open a new breath of your skin and experience incredible sensations with the Oxygen Care Detox Mask!

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