Cleansing cream [Hydrasecure]

Cleansing cream [Hydrasecure]

Cleansing cream [Hydrasecure]

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2 in 1 soap-free care, cleanses while nourishing the skin. Minimalistic formula, cocooning fragrance.

To whom?

Dry to very dry skin. For the whole family from 3 years of age.

Why use it?

+ Cleanses / Moisturizes / Protects

+ Gently removes dirt

+ Ultra-creamy texture, easy to rinse
How to apply it?
Apply to damp skin after emulsifying it between your hands. Rinse thoroughly and dry without rubbing.
What is its composition?
10% Vegetable Glycerin to retain water in the skin and cleanse without drying
Shea butter and sweet almond oil: nutritional complex, restores the skin barrier and comforts the skin sustainably
Pentavitin®: provides intense hydration and protects against the unwanted effects of frequent showers

Made in France. Dermatologically tested.
NB! Kohaletoimetamine on võimalik Eestis, Lätis, Leedus ja Soomes.

Kui tellite tooteid veebipoest, võite need ise kätte võtta, lasta need postkontorisse toimetada või kasutada kullerteenust.

Kohaletoimetamine toimub esmaspäevast reedeni kell 9-18.

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