Even Tone & Night Serum 10 ml (discover size)

Even Tone & Night Serum 10 ml (discover size)

Even Tone & Night Serum 10 ml (discover size)

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A multifunctional serum specially formulated to correct and prevent persistent pigmentation. Application of the serum blocks melanin synthesis in its various stages. As a result, it lightens existing hyperpigmentation and prevents the accumulation of pigment in the future. The first results you will see after two weeks of using the serum. The serum also gives the skin a radiant effect.



Anyone. No age restrictions.


Apply morning and evening on the face, neck and décolleté, hands skin, pre-cleaned according to the ritual. After the serum, use a finishing cream as indicated. Use sunscreen SPF 50+ RA++++ in the morning and afternoon hours to prevent pigmentation formation.


Soy isoflavones, watercress extract, hexylresorcin extracted from Japanese pink and white rice cereals, oligopeptide-34.

NB! Kohaletoimetamine on võimalik Eestis, Lätis, Leedus ja Soomes.

Kui tellite tooteid veebipoest, võite need ise kätte võtta, lasta need postkontorisse toimetada või kasutada kullerteenust.

Kohaletoimetamine toimub esmaspäevast reedeni kell 9-18.

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