Shine-Control Purifying Moisturiser [AKN]

Shine-Control Purifying Moisturiser [AKN]
Shine-Control Purifying Moisturiser [AKN]

Shine-Control Purifying Moisturiser [AKN]

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A 3-in-1 treatment that regulates sebum production, reduces marks and moisturizes blemished skin. Fresh on application, it leaves a powdery, matte finish! Suitable for sensitive skin and skin undergoing anti-acne treatment, thanks to its soothing properties.

For whom?

Combination to oily skin, sensitive skin, acne-prone skin with imperfections.

Why use it?

+ Regulates excess sebum: matte-finish gel-cream

+ Immediately and durably moisturizes: light texture, immediately absorbed

+ Soothes inflammation: reduces redness and marks, diminishes blemishes


Synergistic complex of iris, zinc and vitamin A: unclogs pores, restores sebum quality and limits its oxidation.

Niacinamide and D-Panthenol: restore optimal hydration and the skin's barrier function to reduce the appearance of redness.

Copper combined with cornstarch powder: regulate shine and help reduce imperfections.


Apply to cleansed face. Avoid the eye contour area. Suitable for skin weakened by anti-acne treatments.

Do not use on pregnant or breast-feeding women without medical advice.

NB! Kohaletoimetamine on võimalik Eestis, Lätis, Leedus ja Soomes.

Kui tellite tooteid veebipoest, võite need ise kätte võtta, lasta need postkontorisse toimetada või kasutada kullerteenust.

Kohaletoimetamine toimub esmaspäevast reedeni kell 9-18.

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