Routine anti-rides AGE-DETOX

Routine anti-rides AGE-DETOX

Routine anti-rides AGE-DETOX

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The ultimate 3-step routine to fight the signs of aging and imperfections.

For whom?

Skin showing signs of premature aging, prone to wrinkles and imperfections.

Why use it?

+ SOSkin innovation to stimulate cell renewal

+ Double action: anti-wrinkle and anti-imperfections

+ Purifies / Smoothes / Illuminates


What is its composition?
Double-action smoothing mask - 75ml

Glycolic acid: stimulates cell renewal in the superficial layers of the epidermis, gradually reducing wrinkles.
Mandelic acid: promotes collagen production, treats imperfections and reduces scarring.
Kaolin powder combined with castor oil pearls: natural exfoliant to refine skin texture and regulate excess sebum.

Double Correction Serum - 30ml

Pomegranate seeds: Regenerate and protect against skin aging.
Sweet almond: Moisturizing and lipid-replenishing properties to restore elasticity and radiance.
Geranium & Rosemary: Purifying properties. Limits sebum oxidation, the cause of blemishes.
AGE DETOX® Micro-Exfoliating Powder - 30g

Rice powder: Exfoliates impurities without damaging the skin barrier, illuminating and unifying the complexion.
Papain: naturally-derived enzyme to boost cell renewal and combat the appearance of imperfections.
Papaya & pineapple extracts: Soothe and purify the skin thanks to their concentration in vitamins and anti-oxidants.
Made in France. Dermatologically tested.

NB! Kohaletoimetamine on võimalik Eestis, Lätis, Leedus ja Soomes.

Kui tellite tooteid veebipoest, võite need ise kätte võtta, lasta need postkontorisse toimetada või kasutada kullerteenust.

Kohaletoimetamine toimub esmaspäevast reedeni kell 9-18.

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