Booster Retail Set ( Gold Coffret )

Booster Retail Set ( Gold Coffret )

Booster Retail Set ( Gold Coffret )

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Moisturizing Activator Serum 20 ml

Serum-gel for tired and dehydrated skin fills the epidermis with moisture and gives intensive hydration, restores the balance of the natural moisturizing film.

NMF-like complex: A complex of biomimetic molecules (similar to the skin's NMF) provides intensive, immediate and optimal moisturization.

High molecular weight hyaluronic acid: Fills surface wrinkles. Retains water in the skin and reduces evaporation. 


Hydra3 Eye cream 15ml

Hydra3 Eye Moisturizing Emulsion for the eye area to eliminate dehydration and dark circles under the eyes. A lightweight emulsion that instantly and permanently moisturizes the skin, eliminating dark circles under the eyes and signs of fatigue. Three-step chronohydration to rejuvenate the skin around the eyes.

Moisturizes the skin
REDUCES dark circles under the eyes
Soothes the skin around the eyes


Moisturizing Serumulsion 5ml

Effective like a serum, light like an emulsion, comfortable like a cream

Binds moisture in all layers of the skin, restores intercellular cement, enhances the moisturizing potential of all other products in the beauty ritual. Triple DNA: an unprecedented moisturizing molecule that can retain an amount of moisture 10,000 times its own weight.

An advanced anti-aging molecule that stimulates all cellular functions.


Eye Instant Stress Relieving Mask

BioMatrix, derived from mineral-rich brown algae, provides unprecedented efficacy to restore youthfulness to the skin. The patches smooth wrinkles and firm the skin around the eye area, with draining properties and anti-oxidative action.Signs of fatigue are "erased" and the skin takes on a natural glow in an instant.

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