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A cream with a high concentration of DNA and RNA is designed for dry skin and skin with visible signs of aging. The rich formula helps to nourish the skin and restore its vitality.

The lipid complex acts as an intercellular cement, helping the skin to restore the integrity of the epidermis. Thanks to its revitalizing and healing properties, the cream is perfect for skin affected by excessive exposure to the sun or cold.


Main active ingredients:

High concentration of VP DNA & RNA - help support and stimulate the skin's vital functions.

  • Beeswax - powerfully nourishes, restores and protects
  • Perhydrosqualene - restores the hydrolipidic film. Fights dehydration.
  • Propylene glycol - helps maintain ideal moisture levels
  • PEPTIDES + cocktail Restores the dermal matrix and enhances cellular metabolism.
  • Liposomes + encapsulated RNA Restores the dermal matrix and enhances cell turnover

In the evening and, if necessary, in the morning, warm a small amount of cream on the back of the palm of the hand. Apply to the face and neck with massaging movements. It is recommended to use PRIME B-CELLULAR serum beforehand.

To treat damaged skin, use as a mask. Leave on for 20 minutes, remove the residue with a tissue

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