Thermo-slimming gel

Thermo-slimming gel
Thermo-slimming gel
Thermo-slimming gel

Thermo-slimming gel

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Thermo-gel for weight loss

Thanks to the active complex with a thermal effect, the main components of the drug quickly penetrate the epidermis and affect the cells. The synergistic effect of the active ingredients allows you to act even on “old” fat deposits. Thermogel has a pronounced lymphatic drainage and lipolytic effect, improves blood and lymph microcirculation, restores the structure of the epidermis and skin elasticity.

Caffeine helps burn fat deposits in adipose tissue.

Centella asiatica extract in liposomes facilitates easier removal of subcutaneous fat and has a strengthening and reconstructive effect.

Ivy and red algae extract improve skin elasticity and restore clear body contours.

As a result, local fat deposits “melt”, the skin texture is smoothed, and the visible manifestations of cellulite are reduced.

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